When I was young I took photos.
Today I make photographies.

With a background in Biology and Geology & Paleontology, I have spent more that 35 years to take numerous photos. It was "taking photos" of where I have been and what I have seen.
In colour, technically sophisticated by using Zeiss lenses, people liked the photos.

Only when I turned into a "grey haired guy", I got in touch with the ideas of some heroes of photography, like Ansel Adams, Walker Evans, Paul Strand and Edward Weston.
Through the concept of "Pre-visualization", so passionately propagated by Ansel Adams, I learned to slow down and to think before pushing the shutter release. Through switching to black & white photography I started to see the world behind the noisy colours and to sense structures, texture, light and shades.
And I became amazed by the fine art printing process, completing the intellectual journey from "idea to print".

In my photographies and the fine art prints as the result of such a journey, I try to express my sensual experience of landscapes, the individuality and personality of animals or the questions and feelings evoked by artefacts and remains of human activity. In that sense, my photographies are not documentary photos but much more driven by a Native American proverb which I learned during my travels in the American South-West:

"Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only these that capture your heart"

I make photographies.
I hope you like them.

Tom Berthold